Fine blades

A fine blade is a good thing to have. Recently a traveling blacksmith stopped at the inn for a few nights rest. I purchased three blades from him. Why? I cannot say, I certainly had no need for them. But once in a while a man has a need for something he does not truly need.

I have always had an appreciation for fine steel. All of his blades were of very good steel and fine craftsmanship. In this case one was from an old saw blade, another a used file and the third… the third was absolutely beautiful. I have seen fine blades from the Continent, Africa, Asia and here in the United States. I have only rarely seen layered or Damascus steel, outside of North Africa or Turkey. It is a rare thing to see here and it caught my eye.

The man had perhaps a dozen blades of Damascus to choose from and I chose the smallest. A fine bone handled blade for my Mrs. Mina to use about the kitchen or perhaps to carry. Knowing the woman as I do I suspect it will sit unused on a shelf but she at least claims it is a pretty blade.

The blade made from a saw blade is likely intended as a pruning knife. A young man down the road is planning to join the army next year. A soldier needs a good solid pocket knife and I suspect this on will work well enough for his needs. A knife without a point is less likely to get him in trouble while in the barracks.

The third blade is made from a used file with a handle made of bone. It is a rather effective dagger. The kind of blade I really have no use for. But there is a young lady living not to far from here who is rather fetching. A good knife in the hands of a pretty lady who has an idea how to use it can dissuade those of ill intent.

A fine blade is priceless. There are numerous quality blades in my inn and tavern. All who work and live here carry one. A knife is useful every day and one that is sharp is far better than a dull one.

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