Mrs. Mina attends church at every opportunity and she will always take Little Miss Freedom with her.  Other children attend as well.  The local minister has no issue with Mrs.  Mina; she has been careful to find a church that has no issue with her.  That is something I fail to understand, I know that the Jesus was of Jerusalem and the only way he might have been a blond hair blue eyed child would be if his father had been a Roman soldier.

I have known a few Italians over the years, few of them were blond with blue eyes.  The men I have known from that part of the world have all been dark eyed and dark haired.  So I do not pretend to understand the prejudice of man in regards to religion.  I thought religion was to help the soul regardless of the color of skin a person wears.

I have known good men of white, red and black skin I have also known very bad men of each of those shades.  I say to judge a man by who he is not by his color.  Color doesn’t make or break a man.

Many of these ministers and men who claim to be men of God are not worthy to grace my table and I would not welcome them to my tavern.  I have known others who were good men that cared more for their flock than their pocket book.

Every local church I have known has raised coin to build a fancy church.  I have never pretended to understand that, why tear down the tree to build the church?  Would it not be simpler to just worship under the tree and use the coin to help people who might need it?  A good man of God travels to where he is needed instead of making people come to him.  But who am I to judge?  I do not give my coin to any church, the only person I trust with my money is Mina.  She wisely does not trust me with hers as she knows my fondness for cognac.

All of that said I will never begrudge a man or woman their religion.  It is a powerful thing that can keep a man warm when cold or stave off hunger or loneliness a bit. The ten commandments as I learned them as a child are not bad rules to live by.  There is wisdom in the bible but as I see it there is wisdom elsewhere as well.  God created this world, man has built the things that have corrupted it.

As a veteran of wars on three continents I can say that I have seen precious little of god in the actions of man but more than a little of the devil.  All I can hope is that every generation is a little better than the one before but I am cynical and learned long ago that trusting people over much is a mistake.

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