A chisel from an old file

Most who know me understand that I dislike wasting things. I have never really been a wealthy man and understand that using something until it is no longer functional is the only way to save coin. Being able to take a worn out item and turn it into something useful again is priceless.

This chisel started life as a file and a blacksmith used it until the teeth were all but gone. Then with a few minutes on a saw and whet stone he created a useful chisel. I picked it up for a song and added it to my small but expanding collection of tools created from cast off files. It has seen hard use and will continue to see more for some time to come.

Simple function over form is my ideal. That said it is a simple beauty in my eye. If an artisan chooses to embellish the tool who am I to fault him such a small pleasure? I am much like this simple recycled tool. I am a man who has been and seen much, not all of it good and proper. But it has shaped me, forged me into the man I have become. Much like this file that is now a chisel I hope I still have something to add to this world. Alexandre Dumas may have said it best when he said that we are always in a hurry to be happy for when we have suffered greatly we have difficulty believing in good fortune. Is that my future, like this chisel? To be used hard and reshaped into something to soldier on? Perhaps, perhaps… I am a good bartender with many a happy customer. I like those who come to drink in my tavern and by most accounts those who frequent the place like me and mine.