Blacksmith made tools

A traveling blacksmith recently stopped by the inn.  He was a skilled and imaginative craftsman.  When he discovered i appreciated tools and had a bit of coin to spend as I felt the urge he opted to trot out some merchandise.  Do not ask me why but I found myself with a new square, scribe and a turnscrew I have no real need of.  But it was pleasing to the eye and I liked it.  So now it is mine.

Traveling craftsman are the way of the world.  Tinsmiths are the more common though there are blacksmiths as well as carpenters peddling everything from tools to kitchen wares and furniture.  Over the years I have acquire tin and copper dippers, coffee pots and the occasional tool.  the traveling craftsman is a service to any community he touches.  Without him bringing his skills and product to the buyer many things would never reach those who could use them.  Drygoods stores in towns carry many things that are needed but a craftsman can produce what the customer needs and wants on the spot.

The wife acquired the new scribe as a cake tester, that was certainly not what it was built for but I do not argue with the wife.  She tells me what she wants and I do my best to provide it regardless of the legality.  Though as a good God fearing woman she rarely asks for anything that might make the law raise an eyebrow.  I have imbued in her my philosophy that if it looks illegal it likely is.  I have little regard for the law, I have a preference for the strength of my blade or rifle in settling disputes.  Mina believes that people are generally good, I don’t know about that.  Perhaps I have seen too much evil in the world.  I have seen too much of the devil in this world and too little of her God.  But she firmly believes even I might be saved on the way to hell.  I have told her that the good lord knows where I am and can have me when ever he chooses.

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