A new Broad Axe


I was walking in the woods a while back and stumbled across a very angry man, he was screaming at the four winds and throwing things out of his wagon.I do not really know why he was so angry but he wanted nothing to do with a variety of items. I smoked a pipe worth of tobacco watching him before he left still cursing to the four winds. When I went to investigate what he had tossed out I found this broad axe. It has been hard used but it still has a good amount of life in it.

Some people will lose control and go a bit mad. I think this man might have tightly held onto his control so others might never see how little control he truly had. Then that morning some little thing set him off and believing no one could see him he exploded with rage. I suspect no one will see his rage for some time; at least not until he can no longer contain it and some small thing sets him off. Then his rage will know no end until he either regains control or is killed. I rather suspect he will meet a bad end when someone he cannot frighten or intimidate will not tolerate such an outburst.

At least I got this axe before someone kills him.

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